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Captains Log

Ramblings of the Web admin.

October 2017
It has been brought to our attention that the Reunion submission page was broken. It has now been fixed, so, if you have previously tried and failed, have another go. Any problems, let us know.
You should now be entering your 2018 reunions. Let us have them to list please!

March 2017
Associations: Now with so many missing or moved, and to keep the list clean, only valid websites are listed. The missing ones have been moved to their own page. If yours is amongst these, please let us know where you went!
Even if yours is showing as listed, it's worth checking it points to the right place! We had a case recently of an association website coming up as a Korean childrens clothing site.
After a long absence, RNShipmates.com points here too. It had expired, so I have reregistered it.

16th Feb 2017
Reunions: You can now add your own. Just give us the date and the venue and a contact email address too if you like, and we'll add yours to the list.
There will be a short delay whilst we check for spam.

Jan 2017
Another year, and time to start organising the website for the 2017 reunions.

30th Jan 2016
The site went live at around midday today and totally replaces the old website which had just sat around on the server unloved and unused for over ten years.

Already there has been an update to one of the listed associations whose website address had changed and was coming up as broken. If yours is showing as broken or 'site down' can you check its validity, and send me an updated URL via the contact form please? The sites are checked roughly once per day to see if they are still there, and when they were last updated. If yours says 'unknown' for the last update, it just means that your web server won't provide the information.

Onto reunions;
Quite an extensive listing. However, is your next reunion missing from this list? If you wish to promote your next reunion via this site, please do let us know about it. Address your update to Mike, he's the list-keeper, via the contact form. Cheers!

Many thanks.